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TERMS & CONDTIONS: "Get The Gang" Initiative:

Who can participate:

  • Any person, who is an adult and a citizen of India can participate in "Get The Gang" initiative
  • The initiative is created by Mahindra & Mahindra Limited (hereinafter referred to as "Mahindra".)
  • Participants will need to be employees of Mahindra's pre-selected list of corporates.

How to participate:

  • There is no entry fee for participation.
  • Person can take part in initiative only once during the complete duration of the initiative.
  • Participants need to enter their valid contact details on the initiative form to qualify for initiative.
  • Participants are solely & exclusively responsible for time taken with regard to bandwidth connectivity and/or any other internet related issues during the initiative entry submission.
  • Mahindra's discretion w.r.t any matter/issue pertaining to participation under this initiative shall be final & binding.

The Gears will be defined as follows

  • The First gear will be those individuals who have successfully registered on the MahindraKUV100/ website with a gang of 1 or 2 and paid the booking amount respectively
  • The Third gear will be those individuals who have successfully registered on the MahindraKUV100/ website with a gang of 3 or 4 and paid the booking amount respectively
  • The Fifth gear will be those individuals who have successfully registered on the MahindraKUV100/ website with a gang of 5 and paid the booking amount. This will be determined on the basis of the first 5 individuals who pay the booking amount in the group respectively
  • In case of cancellation of the booking amount by any or all members, the members will no longer be considered a gear and the benefits will no longer be provided


  • Once Gangs are formed and each member of the Gang get the delivery of the KUV 100, then they will receive the benefits via registered email and the Indian Youth Card via post.
  • Mahindra reserves the right to change any of the benefits, and/or the conditions related to the benefits offered under this initiative at its sole discretion.
  • Each benefit offered to the participant under this initiative is supplied by a third party, and the quality, originality, authenticity, legality, security, validity, timeliness and realization of the benefits will be the responsibility of this party. Mahindra does not exercise any control, nor does it have any means for exercising control and nor does it hold any responsibility and/or liability against any conflicts/disagreements/issues arising out of and/or arising out of agreement between the customer and the respective third party. The list of third parties is mentioned below in Schedule A. The terms and conditions related to the benefits will be as per the third party.

Schedule A

  • E- Subscriptions will be provided by the Bennett Coleman & Company Ltd.
  • Indian Youth Card will be provided by Youth Card Private Limited
  • Holidays at Club Mahindra will be provided by Club Mahindra
  • subscription will be provided by
  • KUV Owner Term plan/Accident Insurance will be provided by Oriental Insurance
  • All other benefits will be provided by Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.

  • Mahindra reserves the right to suspend, shorten, modify, extend the duration of the contest or cancel the contest at its sole discretion.
  • All disputes relating to this initiative shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of Courts at Mumbai
  • In order to avail the benefits of the Indian Youth Card, the customer needs to complete KYC formalities online on the Indian Youth Card website(provide the link for the website).
  • The first 50 Gangs of 5 will be eligible for 5th gear benefits and the first 200 Gangs of 3 will be eligible for 3rd gear
  • Mahindra shall not be held liable if the benefits and/or the Indian Youth Card doesn't reach intended participant for any of the following reasons as mentioned:
    • Bandwidth problem of the mailbox/server of the host.
    • Incorrect e-mail address given at the time of submitting entry.
    • Incorrect and/or incomplete address for delivery of Indian Youth Card.
    • Inbox of the recipient being full/having insufficient space.
    • Any other reason, technical or otherwise, beyond the control of Mahindra.
  • Mahindra recommends the participant to read these conditions carefully each time they access the website.
  • Mahindra reserves the right to modify these Terms & Conditions without any prior notice. An updated version of the same shall be permanently available on the website.
  • Participation in the initiative is purely voluntary and at the sole discretion of the participating individual . Participant agrees that he / she has understood and is bound by the terms and conditions set out herein.
  • Participant shall indemnify Mahindra and/or its affiliate from any loss that may occur to Mahindra due to non-adherence to these terms and conditions.
  • Delivery of the vehicles shall be done at the sole discretion of Mahindra.
  • Mahindra reserves the right to remove, refuse or cancel access to any participant without any reason therefore and shall be under no obligation to provide any benefits accrued under the initiative.
  • The participant shall not, without any valid license or authorization, use the intellectual property rights belonging to Mahindra and/or third parties.
  • This initiative is subject to force majeure events and situations beyond control of Mahindra and/or its affiliates.
  • Other Terms & conditions

    • Participant hereby authorises Mahindra to communicate with him / her from time to time about the matters connected with the initiative on the registered e-mail address/phone number/address.
    • Participant unconditionally agrees that he/ she shall not:
      • do anything which violates any of the Terms & Conditions;
      • make any misrepresentation;
      • do anything that does not comply with generally accepted internet etiquette including (without limitation) the excessive use of inflammatory or antagonistic criticism ("flaming"), or wastefully and unnecessarily including previous communications in any postings in any public platforms including but not limited to social media platforms
      • perform system abuse;
      • propagate, distribute or transmit Destructive Code, whether or not damage is actually caused thereby;
      • Post abusive, obscene, threatening, harassing, defamatory, libelous, offensive or sexually explicit material.
      • Intentionally make false or misleading statements.
      • Offer to sell or buy any product or service.
      • Post material that infringes copyright.
      • Post information that he/ she knows to be confidential or sensitive or otherwise in breach of the law.
      • Misrepresent the members of his or her gang
    • There is no cash alternative and the benefits are not transferable.
    • Participants agree to make themselves available for publicity purposes if requested by Mahindra and agree to the use of their image and quotes for such publicity.
    • In the event of a dispute the decision by Mahindra will final and binding and no correspondences whatsoever will be entertained in this regard.
    • Whenever called for, Participant will be required to complete all formalities as may be communicated by Mahindra and/or its affiliate including but not limited to providing his/her authentic and correct information, failing which he/she shall be disqualified at any time or at any stage. In case false information is revealed at any time after participation, the Participant shall be liable to return all benefits provided under the initiative.
    • Mahindra reserves the right to restrict / bar any person from participating in the initiative without quoting any reasons for the same.
    • Participants found indulging in any malpractices such as cheating or creating dubious profiles etc., shall be disqualified from the offer at any time and shall not be eligible for any benefits.
    • These Terms & Conditions and the Initiative are be governed by the laws of Republic of India only. Any and all claim, dispute or lawsuit arising in connection with them or the Offer shall solely be subject to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Mumbai.
    • All the content entered by participant becomes Mahindra property and can be used by the company as, where & when they deem appropriate.
    • It is assumed that the Participants who have successfully submitted their entry have read the Terms & Condition and agree to it without any conditions.
    • This Initiative is not available and/or applicable in a country outside India, any state of India or other country if it is prohibited by law there.
    • Mahindra is neither responsible for guaranteeing the quality of the benefits provided by the third parties listed in Schedule A, nor is liable for any deficiencies/ defects in the same. Mahindra will not be responsible for any guarantee/ warranty/ terms and conditions the Offer partners may make in relation to the products/ services Offered by them. The benefits shall be governed by the warranty policy for the said benefit.
    • Mahindra shall not be responsible for any loss or damage due to Act of God, Governmental action, other force majeure circumstances and shall not be liable to pay any amount as compensation or otherwise for the same.
    • Mahindra shall not be liable under any circumstances towards any loss or damage or expenses or cost or any third party liability, whether directly or indirectly, arising out or in relation to use or availing of any benefits and/or in connection with the said benefits as the case may be.
    • The beneficiaries shall be contacted on the mobile number shared by them during offer participation. Mahindra shall not be liable in any manner whatsoever for any Participant who cannot be contacted on the mobile number from which the SMS was received or if the mobile number is incorrect.
    • The participants shall execute all such documentation as deemed necessary by Mahindra and allow Mahindra and their assignees to use, display, copy, modify, distribute, publish, sell, assign, exchange, license, sub-license, in all and all locations, in any medium, form or format, in any number, the picture, image or likeness and the reproductions of the winner, and any biographical information furnished by the participant to Mahindra.
    • The participants shall be required to provide self-attested proof of identity, confirmation of his/her mobile number along with the auto-response received acknowledging his/her participation, proof of residence and all other documentation as required by law.

    Participants must claim the benefits in the manner communicated by Mahindra. In case the winner fails to claim the benefits on or before the specified date, he/she shall be deemed to have surrendered the benefit.