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Frequently Asked Questions - Get the Gang

How does Get the Gang work? How do Gangs get formed?

It's quite simple. You invite upto 5 friends into your Gang, and they further invite their own friends into your Gang. Slowly your Gang size will build up. Then when 3 members of your Gang put down the booking amount, those three members qualify for 3rd gear benefits. If a further 2 members put down the booking amount, you now have 5 members, who qualify for the 5th gear benefits. Thereafter the gang is closed, and the members who have bought the vehicle will get the benefits on delivery of the vehicle.

How do I know my Gang size?

Just click on the button 'Know your gang status' and we'll send you an email with the information about your Gang

When does this initiative end?

As soon as the first 50 5th Gear and first 200 3rd Gear gangs are formed, and have paid the booking amount, the initiative stands closed.

Do I have to pay the booking amount online, or can I pay the dealer directly?

We would recommend that you pay the booking amount online at M2all. However you can pay the dealer directly. If you do pay the dealers, it will take upto 3 days for our system to update. Remember that the Gang closes at 5 members, or when 50 Gangs of 5 members or 200 Gangs of 3 members are formed.

When do I get my benefits?

Once all members of your gear have been delivered the vehicle we will email you the benefits. The IYC card will be delivered to the address you provide to the dealer. (So all 3 members of 3rd gear and all 5 members of 5th gear need to have had the vehicle delivered to them)

What happens if 5 members book the vehicle, and only 4 members take delivery of the vehicle and one member cancels his/her booking?

Well, we'll hope that no one cancels, but if 5 members make the booking and only 4 take delivery then two things can happen. You can try to increase your gang, and have another member pay the booking, thus retaining your 5th gear status. If that is not possible, and only 4 members have paid the booking, then your members will be treated as 3rd gear and you would get the benefits of 3rd gear only. Note that you will get the benefits after retail only.

Oh no! What happens if we are 3 members pay booking and then one member cancels, and only 2 take delivery?

Unfortunately, this means that the two of you that have taken delivery will be eligible for 1st Gear benefits. However we would encourage you to include other gang members, with the hopes that one of them will take delivery so that you will be assigned 3rd gear status once more.

Does the person who starts the Gang need to make a booking?

Nope. As long as 3 (or 5) members from your gang pay the booking amounts, those 3 (or 5) members will get the benefits. The person who started the gang doesn't need to be a part of the 3rd gear (or 5th gear) however, since he/she has not booked or bought the vehicle, he/she will not get the benefits

What benefits do those members of the gang get, who do not pay booking, and do not buy the KUV100?

The benefits are solely for those people who buy the KUV100. Those who do not pay booking, and do not buy the car, do not get benefits.

How will I know if some member of my Gang makes a booking or takes delivery of the KUV100?

If one member of the Gang makes a booking or takes delivery of the KUV100, then all the other members of the Gang get an SMS and email informing them.

Why do you want my professional email ID?

The Get the Gang program is only for professionals in certain corporate employers. We have two systems to check this. The first level of check happens through your corporate email ID. Thereafter when you are buying the car, we would require a signed photocopy of your Corporate ID card. If you don't wish to give your professional email ID up front, you don't have to, but be aware that you could be rejected at the second stage in case your Corporate ID is insufficient as proof, and you will be asked to provide other proofs of employment.

My friend wants to buy a KUV100, but he/she isn't working in one of the corporates mentioned in your list. What should I do?

We're sorry to inform you that Get the Gang scheme is only eligible for those people working in select corporates. We won't be able to offer the same benefits to your friend. To view the list of eligible corporates click here…

What happens to the sixth member who pays the booking amount?

Unfortunately Get the Gang is only open to the first five members, and then the Gang is closed. The sixth member will have to form a new Gang of their own.

I only have three friends who want to buy the KUV100 that I know about at the moment. Do I have to fill all 5 invites?

Nope. Fill in your first three. You can always fill out the other two later.

Hey, I've already used all 5 of my invites! But now I know another friend and she's buying the KUV100 like for sure! Meanwhile of my 5 friends, only 1 of them is buying the KUV100. Please help me get her in my Gang so I can get 3rd Gear benefits!

Ok, calm down. You could ask one of your other friends to invite her, which will solve the problem, because she'll still be in your gang.

Ok, so I put down the booking amount. And I invited Rahul and Latika. Latika is taking delivery of the vehicle and not Rahul. But Rahul invited Vinod and Vinod is definitely taking delivery of the vehicle. Will Latika, Vinod and I get the benefits even though Rahul is not buying?

Yup, for sure. Even if you skip some levels, no matter who it is from your gang pays the booking amount of 3 or 5, they get to be the beneficiaries of Get the Gang Benefits.

Hey, I've not been getting emails for Get the Gang. What gives?

All email communications for Get the Gang are coming from Check the "spam" "junk" or "promotions" folders in your mailbox. In case you're still not finding it, please give us a call on the toll free number.

If I have booked the KUV100 can I create the Gang?

Yes, this is possible. Of course you can.

My friend has already booked the vehicle, and isn't the part of any gang. Can I invite him now?

Sorry, this is not possible. You can invite only people who are still to book the KUV100

Hey, 5 of us have already paid the booking amount, and our 6th friend is about to pay the booking amount now. Will he get the benefit?

No, unfortunately, the benefits are the first 5 members of the gang who pay the booking amount only.

How do I find out if my corporate is eligible for the program?

You can check if you find the corporate you work at is in the drop down menu. In case it isn't, just give us a call, we'll sort things out for you.

My corporate isn't on the list. I feel it should be. What can I do?

Hmm… give us a call. The list is basis eligible corporates where we can offer our finance schemes too. We'll check with the banks, and if they are alright with including your corporate in the list, we can make that change.

Can I take the vehicle in the name of my wife/brother/relative?

Well you could, but make sure they are invited into your gang. Also, they're only eligible for the benefits if they work in a corporate from our list of eligible corporates

Hey. I'm planning to purchase the KUV100 as my CTC vehicle, and the vehicle is going to be entered under the name of my company. Am I still eligible for Get the Gang Benefits?

Yes. However make sure the mobile phone number is yours (because we'll be contacting you on that), the email address is yours (because you will get the benefits mailed there). We will also need a letter from your company saying that the company has allotted you the vehicle.

Do I get priority delivery if I enrol for this program?

No, the delivery of your vehicle will be communicated by your dealer of choice.

Will I get any discount if I make a gang?

On making a successful gang, you get the benefits that we have listed in this website only.

I am buying a car alone. Is 1st gear same as buying from the dealer on my own? Do I register in the website only?

You do get the attractive finance schemes. But for all other benefits we recommend that you register on this website. It'll only take a minute.

I live in Pune, and my friend lives in Lucknow. Can I invite her?

Yes. This intiative is active all over India. Please go ahead.

I want to leave my gang, and form a new one. Can I do that?

We would advise you to invite your friends into your existing gang. But if you need to, just give us a call, we'll figure it out for you.